Multicultural – Art exhibition at AthenStyle!

The exhibition “Multicultural” starts @ AthenStyle. And we invite you all to the opening party on the 2 of September, 21.00! Welcome!
Tommaso Chiappa lands in Athens to present his exhibition “Multicultural”, in which the artist shuffles the cards and tries to establish various parallelisms between places and integration concepts. Tommaso Chiappa throws our point of view into his perspectives, between desolated roads and aerial views enlightened by improbable beams of light.

The artist prefers oil painting and pure colours (blue, green, yellow) to realize his “places”; his pure colours transcribe the reality into the paintings and at the same time highlight the passages and correspondences between one place and the other, suggesting that the place and the interlocutor do not count anymore: the most important thing is to be observers and to strive to integrate in the territory, whichever it be. In places spread between Athens and Palermo, some people are looking for a settlement, or for a passage, in a profoundly multiethnic society. Their colour, religion and customs are different but they are united in the will of living the territory surrounding them.

The exhibition wants to be an invitation, a proposal of change, and an immersion in painting, in life, in the place.


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