Jennifer Louge played, and she was great!

Jennifer Louge played unpluged up on our terrace this wednesday (the 26th of august). It was her with a guitar, and her beutieful voice and in the background the Acropolis. What more can you ask for? The terrace was packed with people. There was not only the big international crowd of our guest. Also alot of our greek friends came to listen.

And wow, people where really listening. We all had drinks and was talking and to be honest the sound level was high, just as it should be. But as soon as she started to play on her guitare the tunes washed over us. It was like pressing a mute button. We all fall in silence and the only sound you could hear was her.

If you wherent there you can at least see the pictures, and you can go into her myspace to hear her sing at the same time! got her autografAnd she is in front of the Acropolis

Our guest up on the roof top bar




And she is mingeling!

And she is mingeling!Some of our guest listening to JenniferGuest chilling out on our roof top bar


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