Construction on the streets of Psirri

Now the directions for AthenStyle hostel is really easy:

When you arrive to Monastiraki square, you pass Ermou and follow Ermou to the left and then you will see some road construction on your right side, that is Agias Theklas, the home of AthenStyle. When you look at our street for the moment it feels like going back 50 years (at least Ive heard so), the asphalt is gone and all you see is a dusty road. If you ask me i think it looks quite nice, mystical in some way. But for you all that dont see the charm in a dust cloud that rises behind the car that shines in yellow from the street light i can tell you that its only temporarily. And why?

The streets of Psirri is becoming pedestrian streets with plants and it finally get that facelift that suits this part of town, where the galleries are popping up, where theaters are opening and where the bars and cafe’s are.


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