Regarding the riots in Athens

I bet you all have seen the news about Athens: yesterday many young people of Athens were having a march to remember the anniversery of the death of Alexis. As it often happens the march has become an occasion to demonstrate also for the high unemployment rates and more. Some of the demonstrations turned out in small riots  since one othe themes is protesting against police authority.  However, because it was the anniversery the police is well prepered, so eventhough there is some riots they are in a small area.
AthenStyle and also the major tourist sites (Acropolis etc” as well as the nightlife neighourhoods for partying are on a safe distance! We are not even close to the riots from last year. If you saw something last year, what happened and why it got so out of controll was that the riots started within a couple of hours in the whole country, it shocked the police and it took a while for the police realize what was going on.  Right now there is over 6 000 police officers all around Athens to secure safety, then compare this number with the main demonstration that had 3000 protesters.
These demonstrations started yesterday, and are expected to finish tomorrow. We will keep you updated!

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