Wednesday free citywalk!

What would an American, an Australian, an English, two Taiwanese, two Paraguayans, and seven Spanish do on a Wednesday morning?

A citywalk!!

AthenStyle guests 27/01/2010

The Parliament was built as a Royal Palace, residence of Otto, the first king of Greece. During his reign, two successive fires destroyed the building, making it unsuitable for use as a royal palace residence, and then, the government decided to situate Parliament here. In the interior there are national treasures, such as the first Greek Constitution, and a multitude of valuable paintings. The library is worth visit.

The monument of the Unknown Soldier is a sculpted depiction of a slain soldier with an inscription with excerpts of Pericle’s Epitaph and is the focal point of all national celebrations, guarded around with Evzones, wearing traditional uniform.

The ceremony of the changing of the guard takes place every hour, and on Sunday morning at 11 am it’s accompanied by a military band and a large regiment of Evzones.


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