New Exhibition at AthenStyle

by Mario Malapetsas and Antonis Kroustis


“The objective of this exhibition is a more internal glance into the person, the colours that come out from them, but also the energy of landscape.
In certain times the form is lost and breaks, in order to enter in her place light, colour or something else that will stress more a lot the sentiment despite the obvious.
Something exists that we want to express jointly and that is the need for a more internal glance into the hidden energy of a person and landscape”


“I studied photography many years ago but I have never worked as a professional photographer, which does not mean that the quality of our work is not professional. I have worked as a driving instructor for living until now but my great love is the art. These photos are from different periods of my life and they have different style. But all of them are portraits of people and places which were very close to my soul. The most recent photos are the coloured <red> a project I am still working on it. It’s about the dead end of human life. The most appropriate title for my photos I would say that is “HUMAN TOUCH”


His education is graphic designer and also, he studied photography for two years.He works as a computers ecdl teacher and in his free time he works on portraits and professional photography.
He prefers to study the human face and the energy around it. The energy of the body and on the woman’s face. Although the aim now is to find the exact colours to present that energy, he presents some other old pictures”


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