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Greek Easter Market

Buy this afternoon in our market your Greek Easter Candle

Various rituals are associated with the observance of Greek Easter celebration and one of the most prominent traditions of this festival is the custom of presenting Greek Easter candles to friends or little ones of the family.

The traditional Greek Easter candles are known as paschal candle, symbolizing the rise of Jesus. It is commonly used in liturgical communities during the Great Fifty Days of Easter. Special Greek Easter candles are very large, always inscribed with a cross and the date of the current year, in Greek signifying that the Lord is present and will be so forever till eternity.

Also five grains of aroma, symbolizing the five wounds of Christ, are compressed into the arms and center of the cross in the candle with pins or nails. The candle is finally extinguished on the Ascension Day. Candles on Greek Easter are allowed to continuously burn through out the Fifty Days of Easter. It is also lighted at sacraments to remind Christians of Christ’s sacrifice. The paschal candle is lighted at many Christian funerals too. Personalized Greek Easter candles called “labatha” inscribed with pictures of favourite hero’s are often given as gifts to children by their parents on this festive occasion.

Besides being decorative items in your house, these luminaries serve as fantastic gifts on the occasion of Easter. With these Easter Candles, every family member and friend will illuminate his home and his life and bring in new life and new joys. These beautiful and aromatic candles are just perfect for Sunday gatherings and for offering prayers together. In fact, there are some Easter Candles that are non-melting—these are sturdy. These candles give you the message of being tolerant and patient in front of all difficulties. So, these Easter Candles, if presented as gifts, will last for a lifetime, not simply for a few hours!


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One of the most common Christian symbols, especially associated with Easter, is the lamb. It is often depicted with a banner that bears a cross, and it is known as the Agnus Dei, meaning “Lamb of God” in Latin.

The origin of the symbol is related directly to the Jewish Passover. In ancient times the Jews sacrificed a lamb in the course of the festival. The early Christians, most of whom were Hebrews, associated the sacrifice of the lamb with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. They connected the joyous Passover festival, which commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from their years of bondage in Egypt, with the liberation from death represented by the Resurrection.

The popularity of lamb as an Easter food is undoubtedly related to its importance as a symbol. During the Middle Ages roast lamb became the traditional main course of the Pope’s Easter dinner, and it is still customarily served on Easter Sunday in many European countries.


The egg was an important symbol in the mythologies of many early civilizations. It was commonly believed that the universe developed from a great egg and that the halves of its shell corresponded to Heaven and earth. Many pre-Christian and Indo-European peoples, like Egyptians or Persians made a practice of colouring eggs in the spring as a fertility ritual.

Greeks mainly colour eggs red (scarlet) to signify the blood of Christ. They use hard-boiled eggs (painted red on Holy Thursday) which are baked into twisted sweet-bread loaves or distributed on Easter Sunday; people rap their eggs against their friends’ eggs and the owner of the last uncracked egg is considered lucky.


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Earth Hour (20.30-21.30)

Time on Earth party!  Tonight

VOTE EARTH against global warming by switching off the lights in your room for one hour!

AthenStyle is going to switch off the lights for one hour in the common areas of the hostel at 20.30

Have a drink by candle light and mellow music on the rooftop bar with us.

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Easter is coming!

Exclusive Greek Easter Lunch on the terrace!

On Sunday 4th April we will be celebrating on the terrace the traditional Greek Easter Lunch. We will start roasting the whole lamb early in the morning. The lamb will be not ready before 3pm, because it needs many hours to become crispy, tender and tasty. In the meanwhile we will have time to enjoy the view, chat, drink ouzo and dance! Before eating the lamb we’ll have different appetizers (mezedes), like grilled sausages, salads, cheese and olives.

We will also experience the Easter coloured eggs following tradition (and eat them)!

All the guests staying with us on Easter are more than welcome!

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Wine Tasting

Exploring three Greek wines combined with delicatessen in the rooftop bar on Saturday, 20 March 2010

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What’s up @ Athens Art & Culture Association, issue 58

Events in the city


19 March

Marc Almond Leader of Soft Cell Gagarin 205 Live Music Space 205 Liosion St. (Attica Metro stop) h 20.30 €35

Blues Birds Blues and classic Rock Selections Hard Rock 18 Filellinon St, Syntagma h 22.00

Hats off Vol III Tim Paris (French Producer) Six D.O.G.S 6-8 Avramiotou St. Psirri h 22.30

Disco’s not dead 70’s 80’s music Booze Cooperativa 57 Kolokotroni St. Syntagma h 23.00 Free entrance

Hot Organic Trio Jazz Rhythms Blues 20 Panormou St. h 23.00 Entrance free, €3 charge with the first drink.

G. Pal Progressive house set Kalua 6 Amerikis St. 23.30 €15

Get Connected Techno FSI Factory 26 Dekeleon 00.00 Free


20 March

Dance against the machine Sounds that can shake your soul Nouvelle Decadance 87 E. Benaki St. Exarchia h22.00 Free

Exposed by observers(djs), Broken Beats! + Dj Dikrok Indie-Rock/Pop, Electro/techno/dance MAD 12 Dekeleon, Gazi

A Rock Discotheque Συν Αθήνα 2 Irakleidon St, 2nd floor, Thissio 22.30 Free

Fresh Things First Hip hop, dubstep and drum&bass rounds Swing Bar 8 Iakchou & Evmolpidon St. Gazi h 23.00 Free

Bengoa & Liberto Dance Party Loop 3 Asomatos Sq. Monastiraki. h 00.00. Free


21 March

Bellafunk Athenian nu jazz scene with funk, disco, r&b covers Bacaro 1 Sofokleous St. h 16.00 Free

Anti-racism concert with bands of immigrants Exarchia Square h 19.00

Miami Heatwave Tropical, Cocktail and latin disco Tiki Athens 15 Falirou St. Acropolis 22.00 Free


22 March

Jenny Kapadai, Giannis Kassetas Jazz, blues, soul, funk Joke Café 13 Omirou St. Panepistimio h 22.00 Admission free

The Pink Tank Project Alternative rock Brasilian Bar 4 Arkadon. Metro Petralona h 21.00 Entrance free


23 March

Playwright Downtempo music selections Loop 3 Asomatos Sq. Monastiraki 23.00 Free

Trelandjas on dj decks A freestyler La Soiree de Votanique 37 Kastorias St Votanikos h 22.00 Admission free

No US, no UK Sounds from around the world except America and Britain Alley Cat 50 Konstantinoupoleos St Gazi h 9.30 Free

24 March Discoteca Revival of the 70’s Villa Mercedes h 23.00 €15 with drink

Indie Mixtape MAD Club 12 Dekeleon St. Gazi h 22.00 Free

On Going Exhibitions

  • Battelfield Multi exhibition by 23 artist (paitings, video, sculpture) in an art bar (TAF 5 Normanou St. Monastiraki) Free
  • From Istanbul they come Exhibition with works of International Contemporany Turkish Artist. (Kappatos Gallery 12 Athinas St.) Until 27/03
  • Ansel Adams photography black&white photos of landscapes and national parks of United States. Benaki Museum 138 Pireos Av. Until 30/04
  • “No Ma’s Land” by Kris Rompora Paintings Gallery Kaplanon Kaplanon 5 Tue-Fri 12-20 Sat 12-15 Until 20/03
  • Yannis Tsarouchis Exhibition Retrospective exhibition of the Greek artist including approximately 420 painting and a large number of set design models. Until 14/03 (New Benaki Museum 138 Pireos Avenue. Metro Keramikos) € 3 10.00-18.00 Fri-Sat 10.00-22.00
  • Constantin Xenakis Exploring various kinds of art forms, he has created a personal universe that negotiates the processes of semiology of symbols and communication. (Kalfayan Galleries 11 Charitos, Kolonaki) Mon-Sat 10-15, Tue-Fri 10-20 Free. Until 20/03
  • Athens. Stis Solitude path. Photos of the streets of Athens captured by Pagrati Pagkratidi. (Fnac Monastiraki. Mitropoulos St. Until 5/04. Mon-Fri h 9-21 Sat h 9-20
  • Eros: from Hesiod’s “Theogony” to later antiquity (Cycladic Art Museum 4 Neofytou Douka St.) h 10-17 Thu 10-20 Sun 11-17 Tue Closed ) €7/€3,5 Until 05/04
  • Pablo Picasso: Experiments in linocut Creations between 1959 and 1963. (Gagosian Gallery 3 Merlin St. Syntagma) Mon-Fri 11.00-18.00 Free Until 10/04
  • The Complete Sculptures of Edgar Degas 74 bronze sculptures. Until 25/04. (Herakleidon Museum 16 Herakleidon St Thisio. € 6 students € 4
  • “Miró of Majorca” Works of the period at his workshop in Majorca. Oils and great number of engravings (Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre 254 Pireos Av. Metro Kallithea.) € 6 Until 30/05

Movies of the week

Remember me (English – Romantic Drama)

Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City who has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through until the day he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate.

Empassy Nova Odeon 5 P. Ioakeim & Irodotou, Kolonaki (Metro Evangelismos) 17.30/ 20.00/ 22.30 (Thu-Wed)  €9

Desert Flower (English/Somali – Drama)

Based on the world best-selling book Desert Flower, the autobiography of a Somalian nomad circumcised at 5, sold in marriage at 13 who an American supermodel and is now at the age of 38.

IDEAL 46 Panepistimiou (Metro Panepistimio)

Thu – Wed 17.20/29.50/22.20  €8 / €6 student

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New wall decoration by

This is the girl in real size recently painted in the single room

You will always have company!!

or with a bit of imagination… some music!!

More information about the artist: (Page under reconstruction at this moment) to find info, images and videos!

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