Greek Easter Market

Buy this afternoon in our market your Greek Easter Candle

Various rituals are associated with the observance of Greek Easter celebration and one of the most prominent traditions of this festival is the custom of presenting Greek Easter candles to friends or little ones of the family.

The traditional Greek Easter candles are known as paschal candle, symbolizing the rise of Jesus. It is commonly used in liturgical communities during the Great Fifty Days of Easter. Special Greek Easter candles are very large, always inscribed with a cross and the date of the current year, in Greek signifying that the Lord is present and will be so forever till eternity.

Also five grains of aroma, symbolizing the five wounds of Christ, are compressed into the arms and center of the cross in the candle with pins or nails. The candle is finally extinguished on the Ascension Day. Candles on Greek Easter are allowed to continuously burn through out the Fifty Days of Easter. It is also lighted at sacraments to remind Christians of Christ’s sacrifice. The paschal candle is lighted at many Christian funerals too. Personalized Greek Easter candles called “labatha” inscribed with pictures of favourite hero’s are often given as gifts to children by their parents on this festive occasion.

Besides being decorative items in your house, these luminaries serve as fantastic gifts on the occasion of Easter. With these Easter Candles, every family member and friend will illuminate his home and his life and bring in new life and new joys. These beautiful and aromatic candles are just perfect for Sunday gatherings and for offering prayers together. In fact, there are some Easter Candles that are non-melting—these are sturdy. These candles give you the message of being tolerant and patient in front of all difficulties. So, these Easter Candles, if presented as gifts, will last for a lifetime, not simply for a few hours!


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