New Exhibition of Urban Art & Christine Dinopoulou

From 8/05 to 12/6

Opening: Sat. 08/05, 8.00 pm

Some of the projects in the street of refer to classical Greek art interpreted to postmodern era. Others refer to the foundations of inner self, childhood, purity and innocence. also explores the foundations of “perception” by attempting to use the subjects as protagonists in obscure events. On the other hand aim at disputing the aesthetic standards especially the ones related to consumerism. The goal overall is to raise issues concerning conventions (eg religion, politics, monetary system, consumerism etc)
The procedure of creating starts as an initial idea which accepts historical and philosophical elements in order to lead to its final shape. When all that comes to the stage of being materialized try to combine impulse with mathematics. The pseudonym is a depersonalization of the artist as an individual thus identified as a website

Christine Dinopoulou capture with her camera some moments with potential to reveal inner feelings. Christine find inspiration in times when reality seems cold, obscure almost cynical, in people with dull feelings unable to listen and be inspired by the sounds and echoes of the urban environment, weak enough not to observe and realize all the changes taking place around ,on and inside them. People who have forgotten or simply ignore the emotions which can be caused to others with a glance, a wave, a smile.


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