Anafiotika: an island without sea!

When you claim up to Acropolis from Plaka do not miss one of the the most beautiful parts of Athens – ANAFIOTIKA.

This lovely place is reminiscent of independent village in the city. Laying between Plaka and the rocks of Acropolis. One of the most picturesque and quiet pockets of the city. In this village-like labyrinth of quiet, narrow, windy streets, bougainvillea cascade over whitewashed Cycladic-style cube houses while bright pots of colour decorate the balconies and rooftops.Apart from the forever-reclining cats, washing hanging in the breeze is often the only evidence of habitation. The houses were built by tradesmen from the small island of Anafi, brought in to build the king’s palace during the renovation of Athens after Independence. The neighbourhood is still home to the descendants of these original Anafi stonemasons, although the population has also been supplemented by artists and intellectuals.

Built by stone masons from the Cyclades island of Anafi in the 1800’s, when the law stated: “if you can build 4 walls and put a roof over it in 24 hours the land is yours”, this charming historic area on the lower slopes of the Acropolis is steeped in tradition and its own unique ambiance. The new King imported these stone workers at his own expenses as they were rumored to be among the best masons in Greece.


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