September 2010 : Events in Athens.


3 september  2010

U2, one of the greatest rock bands of all times, are coming 3 September to the OAKA Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece for a concert never to be forgotten. Following their hugely successful 2009 tour, U2 continue with their successful 360 Tour this year. Having recently released their U2 Mobile album No Line on the Horizon, the band and its cylindrical video system, huge stage, revolving bridges and naturally, U2 passion, makes this concert experience an extravaganza.

11 september 2010

Placebo, the beloved band of Greek audiences, returns to Athens, Greece for a single concert nobody must miss. The princes of alternative rock will be at Terra Vibe Park on 11 September. Their achievements are notable: six albums, more than 12 million in sales and 16 years of success at the top of the world charts. Renewed, with an MTV award for Best Alternative Act to their name, Placebo return to Athens, Greece for a dynamic evening at Terra Vibe Park.

17 september 2010

The hottest rumour of the summer has been confirmed: the Prodigy are finally returning to Athens, Greece for an unforgettable appearance. On 17 September at the Athinon Arena in Athens, Liam, Maxim and Keith will present their infamous live show. Their success is so great that the name “Prodigy” has become synonymous with dance music; with 20 million in record sales, they hold the unbeatable record of most successful bands in the history of dance music.

19 september 2010

Tindersticks, one of the most authentic and characteristic British indie rock bands, return to Athens, Greece on 19 September to the Lycabettus Theatre. The erotic charm and poetry of their lyrics is the trademark of the Tindersticks‘ songs. Many have described them as the continuation of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis and Lee Hazlewood. The characteristic voice of Stuart Ashton Staples brings to life erotic images in the best way possible. Their songs are hymns to unrequited love, wandering people and passions that never died down.

25 september 2010

Universally beloved Ozzy Osbourne is coming to Athens, Greece on 25 September to rock and present hits from Black Sabbaths’ heyday. Osbourne rose to stardom as a vocalist with the historic band Black Sabbath, the fathers of heavy metal; he was invited for coffee at the White House; he has made his family’s life a reality show; and he has set his sights on being knighted. Don’t miss his live appearance at Terra Vibe Park in Athens, Greece.

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