Green Design Festival

Green Design Festival in Athens, Greece is an original, open-air, open-to-all event with over 150 designers from all design-related fields are taking part, along with architects, curators and volunteers. Green Design Festival seeks to present design in all forms and applications to spark a discussion on a contemporary way of life that is friendlier towards the environment, and to help construct more positive environmental attitudes through its suggestions and the themes it addresses. The Green Design Festival 2010 will take place from 23 September to 10 October inAthens, Greece.  The festival is examining the repercussions of climate change through the prism provided by the different fields of design, and through an emphasis on models of sustainability (on both an environmental and social level). It is also employing renewable and alternative energy sources, exploring the relationship between ecological awareness and the economy, and striving to ‘redesign’ our everyday lives in a more environmentally-friendly way.The Green Design Festival 2010 is supported by the City of Athens and the Hellenic Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change and with the Grand Sponsorship of the Hellenic Postbank.

Don’t miss the Green Design Festival 2010 in Athens, Greece.


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