Visit Athens, be safe!

You are probably watching TV and images look often quite dramatic but this is what media like to do!

I’ve been living in Athens now for a month and can tell you that my daily life and the life of AthenStyle hostel staff so as of most Athenians is not affected in any way. Of course there are people making demonstrations in front of the Parliament, and this is in all peoples’ rights everywhere in the world, but it is enough to avoid that area during demonstrations if you don’t want to hear too much noise or be worried about getting involved!

Visiting monuments, going out partying, shopping and enjoying Athens is not dangerous in any way and you should not be concerned. We are located in the heart of the city and our area is totally safe. Like the other day, after my work at the hostel was finished, I’ve spent some time in the National Garden with a beautiful girl that I met that day during the free city walk that I’m organizing. I didn’t know what is going on in the city center at that time, we weren’t affected. Just after some friends called us to meet with them, we were informed that we better avoid Syntagma Square. I’ve started hearing the noise and I then understood that people protesting there. Surprisingly, on the other side of the park it was the quietest day, like in the whole city, no sign of tension.

Athens remains the same: breathtaking!


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