AACA tells you what’s on in Athens, issue 107 (June 2-June 10)

This week’s highlights

Sunday, June 5th

.:: World Environment Day ::.

Free admission to
Acropolis / Ancient Agora / Roman Agora / Keramikos / Temple of Zeus / Museums
8:00 – 19:00


until June 24th

.:: Melita Couta Exhibition ::.

The Cyprian artist Melita Couta presents her first solo exhibition in Athens at a.antonopoulou.art gallery on Wednesday, May 18th. In her new she proposes a series of topographical surveys of unknown lands and cities, mixing perfectly penciled lines, controlled ink blotches, subtle collages and superimpositions of translucent papers in a universe strictly confined to white, black and greyscale. Unpredictable streams of ink cross areas meticulously dotted with obsessive details. Location: a.antonopoulou.art Address: 20 Aristofanous St. , 4th floor Tickets: FREE

until June 30th

.:: Polyglossia ::.
As the title of this exhibition, Polyglossia relates both to artists of Greek descent who were born or live and work outside Greece, in the US or Europe, and to a desire to cover every means of visual expression (painting, sculpture, installations, environments, videos, multimedia works, photography, drawings) employed by artists of different generations.
Location: ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE Address: 107-109 Syngrou Avenue
Visiting hours: Mon-Sun 9:00-21:00 Tickets: 7E, 4E (reduced)

until June 30th

.:: Colours Within Exhibition ::.
The Stigma Lab is a focal point of artistic self-expression in the heart of Athens within the free zone of Exarchia. In “Colors Within” uses techniques such as graffiti, aerosol, collage, stencils, construction, photography and painting canvases to “recharge” the big city atmosphere of capturing the “colors” to “born” in them. Location: Stigma Lab Address: Andreas Metaxas 4, Exarchia Visiting hours: Mon-Sun 12.00-21.00 Tickets: FREE

until October 10th

.:: The Last Grand Tour ::.
Bringing together for the first time, work by the internationally renowned artists who have lived and worked in Greece during the 20th century, ‘The Last Grand Tour’ looks at Greece as a site of inspiration over the past 60 years, reflecting the various ways in which the country, its long cultural history and geographic characteristics have continued to be a source for artistic innovation. Location: Cycladic Art Museum Address: 4 Neofytou Douka St.
Visiting hours: Thu 19:00, Sun 12:30 Tickets: FREE

until July 10th

.:: Greek Architects of Istanbul in the era of westernization ::.
The main idea of the exhibition is to highlight the sectors in which the Greeks of Istanbul did exercise great influence. One of these was in the architectural movements of the mid-19th till the mid-20th century, where 57 architects designed and created over a 100 different buildings, shaping the urban landscape of Istanbul. Location: Museum of the City of Athens Address: 5-7 I. Paparrigopoulou St, Klaythmonos Sq, (Panepistimio) Visiting hours: Wed – Mon 10:00 – 15:00 Tickets: 3€, 2€ (reduced)

until July 31st

.:: ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion ::.
The exhibition at Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece is a world first, examining the expansion of the pop phenomenon of paradoxical, imaginary and monster-formed Characters in fashion and dress. Rising as well as broadly known and established designers and artists re-define the relationship between body and clothing, as well as the borders of our consciousness in What is a Monster? Location: Benaki Museum Address: 138 Pireos Avenue (Kerameikos) Visiting Hours: Wed-Sun 10:00-18:00 Tickets: 5€

until June 30th

.:: Black and White ::.
Painting usually is considered as an art of color. Here, though, the paintings use only the most basic colors, black and white, to create an impression. Mostly nudes, representations of the human body and nature are depicted in sketches, engravings and other ways of painting. Location: Frissiras Museum Address: 3 & 7 Monis Asteriou st.
Visiting hours: Wed–Sun 11:00–17:00 Tickets: 6€, 3€ reduced

until August 31st

.:: The Memorial: 16 Artists Propose ::.
This temporary exhibition holds a special place among those presented by the Jewish Museum within the past 12 years. It is directly connected with a recent and important historical fact: the redemption of a great debt of memory and honour, by the creation of the Holocaust Memorial in the capital of our country, in May 2010. Location: The Jewish Museum Address: 39 Nikis St., Visitng hours: Sun-Fri 10:00-14:00 Tickets: 6€, 3€ students


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