AACA tells you what’s on in Athens, issue 109

This week’s highlights

June 20-26th

.:: Athens Fringe Festival 2011 ::.

Athens Fringe Festival will run from June 20 until June 26, 2011 and will turn the city into a great celebration of theater, music, art.

@ Roof theater (Konstantinoupoleos 10)
20:00 Theatre Group Environmental-Cultural Association Kryoneri Attica, “Dryads” “a hat of straw ITALY” by Eugene Lampis
@ Rouf music scene (Konstantinoupoleos 10)
22:30 Jullian’s Lullaby (classical metal)
Faucet, Art Gallery & Action (Faucet 17, Monastiraki)
21:30 Graviton (Greek band)

@ Roof theater (Konstantinoupoleos 10)
20.30 Team ASE! Astraxidi / 21.30 Parts of us elsewhere
@ Rouf music scene (Konstantinoupoleos 10)
22.00 Little trip to heaven (ambient rock-dream pop)
23.00 Underjoyed (alternative blues garage)
Faucet, Art Gallery & Action (Faucet 17, Monastiraki)
21.00 North Link Performance “co-COMPRESSION”

Technopolis Central Court (Piraeus 100, Gazi)
21.00 Cherub / 22.00 The Wigs / 23.00 Anorimoi
Technopolis Central Court (Piraeus 100, Gazi)
19.30 Rays “Improvising in the Fringe”

Technopolis Hall “Kostis Palamas” (Piraeus 100, Gazi)
19.30 Choir OKOE
@ Roof theater (Konstantinoupoleos10)
20.00 Pelagia Botsis “Whatever you do will one day die”
21.30 Danae Loukaki “Navel”
@ Rouf music scene (Konstantinoupoleos 10)
22.30 Tenorman “The chaotic history of opera”

Faucet, Art Gallery & Action (Faucet 17, Monastiraki)
20.00 The NO project: multimedia presentation / 21.00 Lilla Szucs (flutiste)

Tickets: 7 € general admission and 5 € reduced
http://www.tickethour.gr/ and all PUBLIC stores


until June 19th

.:: Dance of Shadows ::.
The exhibition will include 100 works on paper of the contemporary New York artist Carol Wax. The majority of these works are mezzotints; however a number of pencil and mixed media drawings will also be shown. Location: Herakleidon, Experience in Visual Arts Address: Herakleidon 16, Thissio Visiting hours: Tue-Sat 13:00- 21:00, Sun: 11:00- 19:00 Tickets: 6€, 4€ for students

until June 19th

.:: U | s | I | n | A | r | t | Bazaar ::.
With live broadcast at all hours of the bazaar in Rock XS Radio! With daily dance performance at 8pm (flamenco, oriental, latin/tango) On display (permanent exhibition) filled summer ideas! In parallel exhibition of art photography! With poetic performance on Saturday, 18/6) Me in Pop Art Cafe on the mezzanine floor of Ash In Art, at all times! With jewelry, accessories, clothes! With seminars pocket! Location: ASH IN ART Address: Lachouri 1 & Hercules, metro Fix Visiting hours: 16/6 11:00-22:00 Tickets: FREE

June 20-22nd

.:: Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival 2011 ::.
For the 2nd year, the BBB Short Film Festival continues its journey in the Balkans, bringing young people of the region closer together and enabling young artists to talk with an image. The theme of this year’s festival is any kind of crisis and is titled: “Who’s afraid of the big bad crises?” The festival comes to Greece for the first time, with short films, DJs, live bands and parties Location: 6 D.O.G.S. Address: Avramioutou 6-8, Monastiraki
Start: 20:00 Entrance: 3Days Ticket 10E, 1Day Ticket 5E

until June 24th

.:: Melita Couta Exhibition ::.
The Cyprian artist Melita Couta presents her first solo exhibition in Athens at a.antonopoulou.art gallery on Wednesday, May 18th. In her new she proposes a series of topographical surveys of unknown lands and cities, mixing perfectly penciled lines, controlled ink blotches, subtle collages and superimpositions of translucent papers in a universe strictly confined to white, black and greyscale. Unpredictable streams of ink cross areas meticulously dotted with obsessive details. Location: a.antonopoulou.art Address: 20 Aristofanous St. , 4th floor Tickets: FREE

until July 31st

.:: ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion ::.
The exhibition at Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece is a world first, examining the expansion of the pop phenomenon of paradoxical, imaginary and monster-formed Characters in fashion and dress. Rising as well as broadly known and established designers and artists re-define the relationship between body and clothing, as well as the borders of our consciousness in What is a Monster? Location: Benaki Museum Address: 138 Pireos Avenue (Kerameikos) Visiting Hours: Wed-Sun 10:00-18:00 Tickets: 5€


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