Hostel Kitchen Recipe..

If you’re  backpacking across countries and continents you’re probably pinching your pennies, counting your cents and economising your euros and while that may mean you can’t always afford to eat out, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy good local food!

Here at AthenStyle we have come up with an easy meal packed full of flavour that you can make right here in our kitchen. And all the ingredients can be bought fresh from local farmers just around the corner at the Meat and Vegetable Market on Athinas Street, not to mention that it’s seriously cheap!

Creamy Feta Bake

Price for 2 – just under €4
Preparation time – 20mins

What you will need..
Freshly Diced Tomatoes
Sliced Red Onion
A Baguette
Tomato Pureé
Sausage (optional)

Oils and Seasoning.. (we usually have these here!)
Olive Oil
Finely Chopped Garlic (though you’ll have to chop it yourself!)
Chilli Flakes (optional)

1. Set the oven to a medium heat of 200deg Celsius (400def F or Gas Mark 6)

2. Wrap the block of feta in foil with a drizzle of olive oil, some freshly chopped garlic, diced tomatoes, sliced red onions, a squeeze of tomato pureé, a sprinkle of oregano, quarters of sausage([if you’re of the meat eating variety) and maybe some chilli flakes if you like a bit of spice!

3. Place your packet in the oven for 15 minutes or until the feta bubbles

4. Remove from the oven and serve over a freshly sliced baguette

(5. If you’re like me and can never get enough garlic- try drizzling some olive oil and rubbing some garlic into the sliced baguette before toasting it in the oven)

That’s it.. it’s that simple!
Enjoy :)

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