Recycling at AthenStyle Hostel

Our new recycling box made out of recycled newspaper and cardboard :)

We can recycle-

  • glass
  • plastic bottles
  • tin cans
  • aluminum
  • cardboard
  • paper

Every year one billion plastic drinking bottles are thrown away in Greece and that’s not including the billion soft drink bottles and billion plastic containers from cleaning equipment. (Source: BBC, 2005-

Currently only 10% of waste in Greece is recycled (  so it’s important we try to do our best here at AthenStyle Hostel! Despite the lack of interest in recycling the city does have some good incentives, one in particular that could be useful to our travellers on a budget.. across Athens there a number of recycling machines that give you money every time you recycle, and while it might not be much it all adds up! Our nearest machine is just five minutes walk from here in Kotzia Square.. so if you’d like to ‘steal’ a few bottles from the recycling box we won’t say anything ;)

(image from wikipedia)


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