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The beach

Sitting on the tram with my friends we watched the picturesque neighbourhoods  of Athens while  trying to learn new words in Greek. We took the tram from Syntagma square and after about 40mins we hopped off and I immediately saw the sea and the very friendly sun shining above it!:)

The sun was out, the sky was blue and the water was crystal-clear.  It was my  first time swimming in the sea in 2012 and after my swim I was lying under the sun thinking “Life is good”:) As I was sitting on my towel I was often interrupted by enthusiastic salesmen that were highly convinced that I needed sunglasses, pepsi, necklaces and whatever else they had! :)

At the end of the day I was tanned, refreshed and full of energy.. but next time I think I’ll stay on the tram longer and find a quieter beach ;)


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Socrates or Why-way of learning the nature of things

Today I was passing through Socrates monument and got inspired to write about this great teacher of Ancient Greece.

Here is the story:)

Being a child Socrates was never satisfied with simple answers of his teachers, he refused to believe that “wrong is wrong ” and “true is true” , he wanted to  go deeper and  kept asking “why”  all the time.

Later this curious boy became a wise old man but he still kept asking  questions, debating issues and seeking answers. He was sure that a true teacher doesn’t simply give lectures  and ready answers but  make his students  think critically on their own.  (The strategy of learning by asking questions is known as the Socratic Method, and it is used throughout the world).

Later, at the  age of 70 Socrates  was found guilty at “teaching young men to think dangerous thoughts” and sentenced to death.

His last words were, “The hour of departure has arrived. We go our separate ways—I to die and you to live. Which is better is known to God alone.”

P.S.  I think Socrates’ ideas are more important that we can imagine. Even 2500 years  ago he taught to avoid taking anything for granted.  Unfortunately, at our century we don’t know where to go and what to do. We just follow the rules and traditions without clear understanding who we are and what we want. So…:) Don’t take your life for granted!! Go your own way!! And come to Athens!;)

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The Pnyx or “Who –wishes-to speak board”

The Pnyx is a small rocky hill. It was the meeting place of one of the world’s earliest democratic parliaments  where all citizens gathered together and anyone could go to  the “stepping stone” (speaker’s platform) and give a speech.  If you are persuasive enough they vote for you (by rising hands and shouting:) and later it becomes a law.

Each meeting started with famous “Τίς ἀγορεύειν βούλεται;” which means “Who wishes to speak?”

You can experiment with your friends and practice your public speaking skills imagining yourself one of the members of ancient parliament  or just persuade them where to go this evening;)

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I am Tonya!  I just arrived here as a volunteer  for AACA (Art and Culture Association ). My task is very simple: to show you real  Athens, hidden places that you would never see as a tourist and many other  surprising things!

For now I know about Athens as little as you do!:) But I am making my first small steps towards being  a very professional local.:)

Follow me!!:)

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Our Video Entry for Europe Famous Hostel Competiton

click here to see it!


.. and click here to book with famous hostels :)


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Cinco de Mayo / Tequila Party!

So for Cinco de Mayo 2012 we celebrated on the rooftop with Margharitas, Tacos and Tequila beer (which are unfortunately are missing from the photos because they disappeared so fast!) and a massive group effort from everybody taking a tequila shot at the same time! So here’s the pictures we do have.. till next year ;)

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