The beach

Sitting on the tram with my friends we watched the picturesque neighbourhoods  of Athens while  trying to learn new words in Greek. We took the tram from Syntagma square and after about 40mins we hopped off and I immediately saw the sea and the very friendly sun shining above it!:)

The sun was out, the sky was blue and the water was crystal-clear.  It was my  first time swimming in the sea in 2012 and after my swim I was lying under the sun thinking “Life is good”:) As I was sitting on my towel I was often interrupted by enthusiastic salesmen that were highly convinced that I needed sunglasses, pepsi, necklaces and whatever else they had! :)

At the end of the day I was tanned, refreshed and full of energy.. but next time I think I’ll stay on the tram longer and find a quieter beach ;)


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