Live music in Athens, Music nights al fresco at the Opera House (Megaro Musikis)

I found myself sitting on the loan of the beautiful gardens, a Summer sky above us, romantic low lights and the noise of the city far away. There were families, couples, small group of friends, old ladies and young Athenians curious for the art scene. This is where the music started and we all came together at the sound of the piano and the harmonic playing Hatzidaki while the wind was occasionally stealing a page of their music. I felt the emotion of being part of this Greek population, that gave birth to civilization and struggles to keep it alive, gave birth as well to great musicians and contemporary ones keep their memory and art alive, while the city around us struggles. It was a moment of peace and pleasure, the groups of friends stopped talking between them like hypnotized, the couples stopped kissing, the ladies took their high heel shoes off and relaxed, no cigarette rolling, no mobile texting, the music and stars conquered our attention as if we were really thirsty for it.

Te program of Athens Megaro Musikis is rich throughout the year, you may want to check it out on You can arrange a weekend in Athens and catch a great concert, dance or theatre show. We promote Art in Athens. Send us an email with your online reservation for a show you have booked and refer to this blog article, you will get 10% off your stay at AthenStyle!



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