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Psirri – Hub of Alternative Nightlife & Youth Culture

For those of you who appreciate the best way to get a real feel for a city and what is going on, is by socialising with the locals and getting to know the real modern Athenian cultures and music scenes, then Athenstyle is the only base for you when travelling here!

Psirrii District in Athens

The Hostel is located seconds away from Psirri district, praised online as the up and coming nightlife area in Athens, and certainly for me, the most lively, cosmopolitan and diverse district to party and mingle with the locals. The second you arrive on Miaouli street you are immediately hit by the energy and vibes, the road is packed with people strolling up and down until they hear a sound they like to dance or chilled place to sit down, drink and smoke hookah (The whole street is full of fruity scents from groups of people smoking, some shisha bars being 3 stories of people smoking shisha and chatting all night!)

If you are into rock, reggae, techno, chill out, traditional music, you are sure to find a bar on this street alone, making it the perfect street to bar hop until you find your perfect spot. Working your up to the square, symbolised by a beautiful piece of street art covering the entire side of the building overlooking Miaouli street, the shisha scents make way for that of traditional greek snacks and meals, the square itself full of tables of couples, families and groups of friends enjoying Mousaka, Saganaki, Calamari and endless amounts of baked goods and souvlaki, perfect as a quick snack to line your stomach!

Street Art in Psirrii

As well as a great place to bar-hop, the area is also great for clubbing! From more commercial sounds, to high quality Berlin style techno and house, colourful hippies sat outside of booming psychedelic clubs and even some strange characters heading towards the local Gothic gathering spot for dark sounds and sexually deviant nights! This hugely diverse group of people and interests all together is what I think creates the unique and friendly vibes.

The square has multiple roads leading off from it’s corners, and although Psirri is not the largest area, it’s possible to get lost for hours in it’s winding streets finding cosy hidden bars and clubs you probably won’t be able to find again! which is a truly amazing experience. Filled with incense from the countless hippy head shops, Beautiful people hanging out in trendy wine bars, old people dancing to rock ‘n’ roll, energetic youth spilling out of underground dance clubs…. It is a combination of all of these things and a million more which I feel makes the atmosphere in the area unrivalled in Athens and even great competition for famous nightlife spots all over Europe.



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Seasonal Greetings from the Athenstyle Crew!

Come eat, drink and be merry with us at Athenstye this winter holiday season!

Traditional Greek Christmas dinner on the 25th of December and lots of festive fun to be had by all.

Warm the body and soul with hot mulled wine whilst enjoying the stunning view at our newly refurbished famous rooftop bar.

Celebrate the start of 2013 with us in true Athenstyle at our famous New Years eve party (details TBC)!

Enjoy the best rates with our Winter Special Deals throughout the festive season!

Looking forward to enjoying all the winter festivities here with you and all the Athenstyle Crew! &lt:-P party

Like our Facebook page for more details about events at Athenstyle and in Athens:

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Christmas dinner!

Christoposomo, vasilopita, melomakarona.. Wondering what is that? Stay with us during Christmas and join our special Dinner on December 25th! You will get a chance to taste a traditional Greek cuisine mixed with a bit of international tastes.. Kala Xristougenna se Olous!! (Merry Christmas Everybody! ;-))Image

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14 December 2012 · 7:17 pm

Christoposomo, vasilopita, melomakaraona.. Wondering what is that? Stay with us during Christmas and join our special Dinner on December 25th! You will get a chance to taste a traditional Greek cuisine mixed with a bit of international tastes.. Kala Xristougenna se Olous!! (Merry Christmas Everybody! ;-))Image

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14 December 2012 · 7:15 pm

Winter Special – the deal goes on..!

Tired of cold feet in the morning, wearing boring sweaters, drinking tea or /even worse/ sitting at home and doing nothing because of the frightening cold outside?

Why don’t you take some Holidays and visit the warmest place in Europe – Greece! Here in Athens we are in the middle of the Winter – having 18 °C during the day, blue almost azure sky with that beautiful yellow ball that shines upon us and keeps our mood batteries charged in full with a positive energy all days long!;) Don’t get confused seeing people on the streets wearing jackets and scarfs – after 40°C hot Summer it may be a bit cold for some of us! ;P

What is more, here in AthenStyle we also keep continuing our Winter Special deal that gives you a unique opportunity of staying with us and enjoying the lowest rates ever (even during Christmas!)! Have a look below! Deals are available on Hostelbookers, Hostelworld and in person at the Hostel! If you need any more info – contact us at!

Come to ATHENS! – save your €, $, £ or whatever currency you are using and keep yourself warm! ;-)



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Open Mic Night @ AthenStyle Rooftop!

This will be the first of hopefully a weekly open mic night on the rooftop! For those of you who have visited previously the rooftop will now have a roof and closed sides (Don’t worry the view will not be affected!) so the winter weather is not a problem!

Come and check out local and international talent and enjoy our amazing drinks at the best prices around! Or if you’re a musician come take the opportunity to perform to local and travelling musos alike (The rooftop makes foor excellent photo opportunities too! ;) )

We are open to all musicians and fans, and for our first night we have Kristian Fjellstad from Norway who is regularly performing all over Europe for your listening pleasure, check him out at:

when: Wednesday, December 12th
where: AthenStyle Rooftop


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