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Amazing Trans-Siberian Video

Stanislas Giroux spend 3 weeks traveling on the trans-Siberian passing three different  countries and  three amazing cultures trying to Beijing from Moscow, crossing Mongolia. The result was this 3 minute inspiring video that made us want to grab a backpack, jump on a train and travel! So if you decide to come to Athens,  make your reservation through our site and can guarantee you will have a great time!

Seat 22 — Trans-Siberian Odyssey from Stanislas Giroux on Vimeo.


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New Winter offer @ AthenStyle!!

athens winter special

Book your bed in Style!!

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November 17th: The Athens Polytechnic uprising

November 17th is one of the Greek National Holidays and is about the student uprising that took place in the Greek Polytechnic University in 1973. That was the day when the massive demonstrations against the Greek Military Dictatorship escalated to an open anti-junta (junta is the name given to the military regime of that period in Greek) revolt and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic.

But how did all of these happen?

The Greek Junta had abolished a lot of civil rights, it dissolved political parties and it exiled and tortured politicians as well as citizens because of their political beliefs, in order to control every aspect of the politics. It had even interfered with student syndicalism since 1967, by imposing their own student leaders in the national student’s union. Thus, the first massive public reaction against the military regime started by the students on February 1973. Law students went on strike and barricaded inside the buildings of the Law School of the University of Athens. On November, students at the Polytechnic went on strike, started protesting against the junta and constructed a radio station constantly broadcasting the following message: “Here is Polytechneion! People of Greece, the Polytechneion is the flag bearer of our struggle and your struggle, our common struggle against the dictatorship and for democracy! “

After those events, Metapolitefsi (which means the change of the political system) took place. and it includes the transitional period from the fall of the dictatorship to the Greek legislative election of 1974 and the democratic period immediately after these elections.

Today, November 17 is considered a holiday in Greece for all educational establishments. Most schools and universities are closed or hold commemorative services, usually the day before. The commemoration day ends traditionally with a demonstration that begins from the campus of the Polytechneio and ends at the United States embassy. Very often, there are protests during the day, so avoid the centre around the area of the Polytechnic.



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What to do on a rainy day in Athens

It is true that in Greece we have sun all year round! Even if it’s cold, the sun is still shining! However, once in a blue moon we experience days of rain. So, if you are in Athens and it starts raining, don’t just sit in your room waiting for it to stop! Athens is a big city and there is always something you can do no matter the weather. Here are some suggestions:

1. Time for coffee!! Greeks love coffee! And most of all they enjoy sitting back, watching the rain fall while drinking their warm coffee. Maybe it is time you try a Greek coffee or some of our traditional sweets! Having a coffee at the AthenStyle full covered and heated Rooftop bar & café is just what you need! Besides, according to the Greek tradition, people spend hours and hours in one coffee table (average time is 1.5 hours!).


2. It’s culture time! What’s best than visit museums, when outside it’s pouring rain! During holidays you also want to learn more about the intellectual and cultural aspect of the city you are in, so this is the best chance for you! Athens is full of museums, most of which are in the centre and walking distance from AthenStyle hostel.


3. Another archaeological and contemporary art museum is of course the Athens metro! In every station, you will find exhibits, such as statues, pottery, etc. The best stations to visit are Syntagma, Monastiraki and Acropolis.


4. Shopping: You know shopping is always a pleasure, especially for women. If you don’t want to walk around and explore the city under the rain, you can have a look at the shops! Ermou street, is the main shopping street of Athens and it is right next to AthenStyle hostel! Moreover, in Monastiraki square, you can see the flea market. There, you can find anything you need and if you bargain a little you can lower the price and get some amazing things in great price!


5. Feel like reading? You can go to the National Library, at walking distance from AthenStyle hostel. It has a wide variety of books, magazines, scripts and documents as well as a collection of Lord Byron’s personal items.


6. What about a movie? There are many cinemas, not far from the city centre. All movies are played in English (or the original language) with Greek subtitles, so you will be able to follow!


Do you have any more ideas??? :)

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Athens Marathon


Just a few days left until the 9th of November! Have you planned your stay yet? Whether you are a runner or you will come just to enjoy autumn in Athens and watch the marathon, book your stay with us and we will guarantee you a great time!

If you are a runner book three nights and we give you the forth for free! Book the first night online on our site and send us an e-mail ( to inform us about your participation to the marathon and we will book you in for four nights. On arrival you will just pay for three!!!

If you are here on vacation we have a special Winter’s Deal for you! Book three nights and you will get our discounted prices!

Because we are so much better that a cheap hotel!

athens winter special

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Halloween 2014 @ AthenStyle Hostel

For yet another year, we celebrated Halloween at AthenStyle Hostel, the best hostel in Athens, with international company and amazing views of the Acropolis and Athens by night!

This time, we prepared a special pumpkin risotto for all our guests and we enjoyed it with some delicious sangria!

Here are some photos from our Halloween party :) 604094_10152827962926873_5370604929938010913_n 1901717_10152828633266873_7072377749157854987_n 10420221_10152828632216873_1554023953985778567_n 10421128_10152827963641873_7908100358557615076_n 10435787_10152827853001873_7152686378732714302_n 10515298_10152828182131873_6336577391065615427_o 10600567_10152828631696873_2281547292505552405_n

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