What to do on a rainy day in Athens

It is true that in Greece we have sun all year round! Even if it’s cold, the sun is still shining! However, once in a blue moon we experience days of rain. So, if you are in Athens and it starts raining, don’t just sit in your room waiting for it to stop! Athens is a big city and there is always something you can do no matter the weather. Here are some suggestions:

1. Time for coffee!! Greeks love coffee! And most of all they enjoy sitting back, watching the rain fall while drinking their warm coffee. Maybe it is time you try a Greek coffee or some of our traditional sweets! Having a coffee at the AthenStyle full covered and heated Rooftop bar & café is just what you need! Besides, according to the Greek tradition, people spend hours and hours in one coffee table (average time is 1.5 hours!).


2. It’s culture time! What’s best than visit museums, when outside it’s pouring rain! During holidays you also want to learn more about the intellectual and cultural aspect of the city you are in, so this is the best chance for you! Athens is full of museums, most of which are in the centre and walking distance from AthenStyle hostel.


3. Another archaeological and contemporary art museum is of course the Athens metro! In every station, you will find exhibits, such as statues, pottery, etc. The best stations to visit are Syntagma, Monastiraki and Acropolis.


4. Shopping: You know shopping is always a pleasure, especially for women. If you don’t want to walk around and explore the city under the rain, you can have a look at the shops! Ermou street, is the main shopping street of Athens and it is right next to AthenStyle hostel! Moreover, in Monastiraki square, you can see the flea market. There, you can find anything you need and if you bargain a little you can lower the price and get some amazing things in great price!


5. Feel like reading? You can go to the National Library, at walking distance from AthenStyle hostel. It has a wide variety of books, magazines, scripts and documents as well as a collection of Lord Byron’s personal items.


6. What about a movie? There are many cinemas, not far from the city centre. All movies are played in English (or the original language) with Greek subtitles, so you will be able to follow!


Do you have any more ideas??? :)


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