Athen’s Festive Weekend

It’s still festive season here in Greece, so there are many things happening in the city of Athens! The next  weekend is the last couple of days of the carnival season so you have many fun things to do if you are here!


On Friday the 20th, at 19:00 there’s a Carnival on Patissia area, which is very close to our hostel. There will be groups  parading in costumes and  greek traditional  instruments .

On Saturday the 21th at 13:30 in Monastiraki square there will be a carnival concert. Later at 20:00 at Eleytherias Park, there will be a concert from Athens’s Philharmonic in which they will perform Greek serenades and songs from Greek operettas.

On Sunday the 22nd at 21:00 in Plaka area there be big a parade of people dressed in costumes in the historical center of Athens.


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