Those of you who travel a lot and pack light, you probably know that most of the times you have to fit everything in your medium-size hand bag or your laptop or your  tablet  case, including devices like your phone, your tablet your laptop your music player or your camera. And here’s comes the big problem what to do when you need to fit in as well your bottle of water?

We’ve come across Memobottle which solves exactly that problem of not having space for a classic bottle and the fear of your bottle opening inside your bag.The Memobottle’s design is meant to fit in nicely with all of the other rectangular knick-knacks you have in your bag, including a notebook, laptop and just about everything else. The bottle holds between 750ml to 1.25L of water and comes in three clever sizes: letter, A4, and A5. As an added bonus, the bottles are dishwasher safe, making them reuseable and environmentally friendly.


 3513569_orig 3799426_orig 6192345_orig 2481794_orig


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