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Stay at AthenStyle and party with Athensmus



Are you going to be in Athens on the 22nd of February? Why don’t you join the best trip into a crazy day of partying and dancing with thousands of people!

Time for Patras Carnival, the best carnival in Greece!

Come stay at AthenStyle hostel and leave in the morning to join this amazing trip!

Book your bed now at
Live the Carnival in the Greek way!


Don’t forget to check out our winter special!

athens winter special


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Odeon of Herodes Atticus September 2014 Performances

One of the things you should definitely do while visiting Athens, especially in September, is to watch a show in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. With just a 15-minute walk from our hostel you can visit one of the best ancient Greek theaters, which is absolutely magical by night. The experience of watching a show there is unique and you should not be afraid of the language barrier since there are lots of ballet performances, opera plays and music concerts. The Odeon Of Herodes Atticus  was built in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife, Aspasia Annia Regilla.


We highly recommend the shows bellow:

15/9  Performance of the Spanish dancer and choreographer Sara Baras

17/9  Music performance of the Institute of  Music and  Acoustics Research with sound made out of computers

22/9  Concert of the Osipov Russian Orchestra with 50 musicians and Margarita Zorbala as a soloist

23/9  Ballet gala dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya

26/9  Piano concert with the Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi

27/9   Azerbaijan State Dance Company show with 40 dancers

28/9  Mikis Theodorakis Folk Orchestra concert accompanied by the Greek traditional dance company Dora Stratou




Odeon of Herodes Atticus





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Open Mic Night @ AthenStyle Rooftop!

This will be the first of hopefully a weekly open mic night on the rooftop! For those of you who have visited previously the rooftop will now have a roof and closed sides (Don’t worry the view will not be affected!) so the winter weather is not a problem!

Come and check out local and international talent and enjoy our amazing drinks at the best prices around! Or if you’re a musician come take the opportunity to perform to local and travelling musos alike (The rooftop makes foor excellent photo opportunities too! ;) )

We are open to all musicians and fans, and for our first night we have Kristian Fjellstad from Norway who is regularly performing all over Europe for your listening pleasure, check him out at:

when: Wednesday, December 12th
where: AthenStyle Rooftop


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Live music in Athens, Music nights al fresco at the Opera House (Megaro Musikis)

I found myself sitting on the loan of the beautiful gardens, a Summer sky above us, romantic low lights and the noise of the city far away. There were families, couples, small group of friends, old ladies and young Athenians curious for the art scene. This is where the music started and we all came together at the sound of the piano and the harmonic playing Hatzidaki while the wind was occasionally stealing a page of their music. I felt the emotion of being part of this Greek population, that gave birth to civilization and struggles to keep it alive, gave birth as well to great musicians and contemporary ones keep their memory and art alive, while the city around us struggles. It was a moment of peace and pleasure, the groups of friends stopped talking between them like hypnotized, the couples stopped kissing, the ladies took their high heel shoes off and relaxed, no cigarette rolling, no mobile texting, the music and stars conquered our attention as if we were really thirsty for it.

Te program of Athens Megaro Musikis is rich throughout the year, you may want to check it out on You can arrange a weekend in Athens and catch a great concert, dance or theatre show. We promote Art in Athens. Send us an email with your online reservation for a show you have booked and refer to this blog article, you will get 10% off your stay at AthenStyle!


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Athens: Metro & Culture

Athens: Metro & Culture

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One of the unique characteristics of the Athens Metro is the fact that its construction was actually the vessel for the execution of large-scale archaeological excavation works. More specifically, in the framework of the Metro construction, the greatest archaeological excavation in the Athens area was carried out (spanning over an area of 79000m2), which revealed more than 50000 ancient articles.From the early planning stages of the Project, the Ministry of Culture warned the designers about the massive presence of antiquities laying within the subsoil of Athens, as well as about the restrictions dictated by the obligation to preserve these antiquities. Thus, during the project’s design and construction phases, the necessary provisions and modifications were made. The excavation, preservation, transportation and display of the ancient finds fall under the competency and the combined effort of three entities, i.e.: ATTIKO METRO A.E. (AM) which is the Project Owner, OLYMPIC METRO Consortium (OMC), which constructed the Athens Metro Base Project, and finally the Ministry of Culture (MoC), which, according to the Greek legislation, has the responsibility and the supervision of all archaeological activities. The competent archaeological departments of the MoC supervised all phases of the archaeological works, while ATTIKO METRO funded all archaeological excavations, while it also coordinated, in cooperation with the various contractors, all involved Authorities and Services.Today, the ancient articles are in public display for the first time in six prestigious Metro Stations, inviting thus every rushing passenger, either Greek or foreigner, to examine and admire them.The most significant archaeological excavations were performed during the first phase of the Project’s construction in four Metro stations located in the Historic Center of the city of Athens: SYNTAGMA, KERAMIKOS, MONASTIRAKI and AKROPOLI Stations. Over twenty archaeological excavations in stations and ventilation shafts were carried out in total. The depth of the archaeological “layers” varied between 0.5m to 7.0m; however, certain “hydraulic” structures, such as wells, ducts, reservoirs and aqueducts were revealed at greater depths, i.e. from 15.0m to 45m. The antiquities revealed were recorded in detail and were surveyed using modern techniques under the scientific guidance of the concerned Services of the Ministry of Culture (MoC).

There follows a brief presentation of the archaeological finds revealed in the four stations of the historic center:

In SYNTAGMA Station, a sculpture foundry dating from the Classic Era, a cemetery dating back to the sub-Mycenaean and the Byzantine times, baths complex dating back to the roman times, a section of the Peisistranian Aqueduct, the bed of Iridanos River and the ancient road leading from the gates of the wall to the municipalities of Messogaia.

Near KERAMIKOS Station, a section was revealed of the most significant cemetery of the ancient city of Athens. 1200 graves dating back to the beginning of 7th century BC up to roman times were examined. Moreover, the two burial grounds, dating back to the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, constitute a significant archaeological find. The western surrounding wall of the cemetery, remains of the workshop of ceramic art and the bed of Iridanos River were also revealed.

Another significant archaelogical site revealed through the construction of MONASTIRAKI station. Τhe embedded bed of Iridanos River is one out of the most significant finds of MONASTIRAKI Station. It was confirmed that the area had been in constant use from the Mycenaean Era up to modern times. Buildings, workshops, graves and a variety of water supply and sewage systems were revealed. For the Metro construction in the area of MONASTIRAKI, archaeological excavations were carried out and residential remains came to light dating back to the 8th century BC (Geometric Era) up to the 19th century AD.The basic axis of the town planning in all eras was Iridanos River. Iridanos River had its springs at the foot of Lycabettus, it run through Athens and flowed into Ilissos River. The course of the river was incessant and used to increase during heavy rainfalls. During the Post-Classical Ear (5th – 4th century BC) large conglomerate stones delimited the riverbed, 2.60m wide. Two paths, on the north and south-hand side, set the limits of the building line for the buildings, which commenced to be built on either side of the river. In the era of Adrianos Emperor (117 to 138 AD) Iridanos River was covered with a vault made of bricks, then it was backfilled and turned into a sewer. A large retaining wall was built at the northern boundary of the river in order to retain a wide gallery or a road, while the building line receded by 4.50m. The buildings belonged to private citizens, workshops and warehouses. The remains were dated based on numerous and various finds: marble sculptures and architectural members, mosaic floors, wall paintings (fresco), decorative graved plastering, pots and coins, metal and bone-made objects.

The excavation survey in ACROPOLIS Station carried out over an area of 2500 m2 showed that this area had been used since the end of the 3rd millennium BC up to the Byzantine times. A few graves of the Middle-Helladic and Post-Helladic Era, houses, workshops, roads and baths were also revealed.

Apart from the four stations located in Athens historic center, significant finds were also encountered in other locations as well, such as:

in EVANGELISMOS Station: an ancient cemetery with the cemetery surrounding wall, a Peisistranian duct and a road;
in PANEPISTIMIO Station: an ancient cemetery

Significant antiquities were also found in the ventilation shafts, i.e.:

in “Irodou Attikou” Shaft: a roman house, a cemetery and hydraulic systems;
in “Amalias” Shaft: a roman bath of significant importance;
in “Mitropoleos” Shaft: significant building remains;
in “Petmeza” Shaft: a cemetery dating back to the Classic up to the Byzantine times, as well as a room supported on columns;
in “Fokionos” Shaft: a building dating back to the roman era and Byzantine storing facilities;
in “Thissio” Shaft: a building dating back to the Post Classic times and workshops;
in “Ermou – Arionos” Shaft: workshop areas and hydraulic systems;
in “Iachou” Shaft: an ancient cemetery;
in “Assomaton” Shaft: a building of significant importance.

The boring of the tunnels was performed under constant archaeological monitoring and brought to light several ancient wells hiding significant archaeological finds, as well as a section of Adrianion Aqueduct. Apart from the collection and preservation of hundreds of thousands of archaeological articles in the store houses of the Ministry of Culture, the detachment, maintenance and new placement of heavy building and other remains found listed for preservation and requiring to be displayed, except for the six exhibition areas configured in six stations, constitute a significant and original project. Moreover, archaeological finds were also detached and placed anew in “Petmeza” Shaft, in Syntagma Square and in EVANGELISMOS Station. In “Amalias” Shaft, a roman bath was preserved and sheltered. In Monastiraki, an archaeological site with Iridanos River embedded bed, integrated in the Station, was preserved.

Finally, significant archaeological displays were transferred from Syntagma excavation site to Zografou University Campus, where an open-air exhibition of antiquities covering an area of 2000m2 and a small museum were created.

In all twenty-eight stations of the Athens Metro currently in operation, the “hidden” city and our cultural heritage are revealed through the coexistence of significant archaeological finds with works of art of contemporary Greek artists. This effort did not commence, of course, from a contractual or a legal obligation of ATTIKO METRO S.A., but it is the outcome of the particular importance that has been given to the quality of life in the capital.

Concurrently with the creation of special areas for the display of the most important archaeological finds, ATTIKO METRO S.A. implemented (for the first time in a Greek Public Transportation Project) an “art program”, i.e. works of art created by distinguished Greek artists grace almost the total of the Athens Metro Stations.

Worldwide famous Greek artists, taking into consideration the multiple possibilities offered by the network, created works of art for each station and today the richness of our cultural heritage is displayed in the New Metropolitan Railway of the city.

Concurrently, in order to give the possibility to highlight the ideas of younger artists, ATTIKO METRO S.A. announces art program related tenders for specific stations and until the present day, three works of art have been integrated to the network.

The art program will continue to be implemented in the new stations of the Athens Metro extensions, as well as in the Thessaloniki Metro Base Project.

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September 2010 : Events in Athens.


3 september  2010

U2, one of the greatest rock bands of all times, are coming 3 September to the OAKA Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece for a concert never to be forgotten. Following their hugely successful 2009 tour, U2 continue with their successful 360 Tour this year. Having recently released their U2 Mobile album No Line on the Horizon, the band and its cylindrical video system, huge stage, revolving bridges and naturally, U2 passion, makes this concert experience an extravaganza.

11 september 2010

Placebo, the beloved band of Greek audiences, returns to Athens, Greece for a single concert nobody must miss. The princes of alternative rock will be at Terra Vibe Park on 11 September. Their achievements are notable: six albums, more than 12 million in sales and 16 years of success at the top of the world charts. Renewed, with an MTV award for Best Alternative Act to their name, Placebo return to Athens, Greece for a dynamic evening at Terra Vibe Park.

17 september 2010

The hottest rumour of the summer has been confirmed: the Prodigy are finally returning to Athens, Greece for an unforgettable appearance. On 17 September at the Athinon Arena in Athens, Liam, Maxim and Keith will present their infamous live show. Their success is so great that the name “Prodigy” has become synonymous with dance music; with 20 million in record sales, they hold the unbeatable record of most successful bands in the history of dance music.

19 september 2010

Tindersticks, one of the most authentic and characteristic British indie rock bands, return to Athens, Greece on 19 September to the Lycabettus Theatre. The erotic charm and poetry of their lyrics is the trademark of the Tindersticks‘ songs. Many have described them as the continuation of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis and Lee Hazlewood. The characteristic voice of Stuart Ashton Staples brings to life erotic images in the best way possible. Their songs are hymns to unrequited love, wandering people and passions that never died down.

25 september 2010

Universally beloved Ozzy Osbourne is coming to Athens, Greece on 25 September to rock and present hits from Black Sabbaths’ heyday. Osbourne rose to stardom as a vocalist with the historic band Black Sabbath, the fathers of heavy metal; he was invited for coffee at the White House; he has made his family’s life a reality show; and he has set his sights on being knighted. Don’t miss his live appearance at Terra Vibe Park in Athens, Greece.

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Jennifer Louge played, and she was great!

Jennifer Louge played unpluged up on our terrace this wednesday (the 26th of august). It was her with a guitar, and her beutieful voice and in the background the Acropolis. What more can you ask for? The terrace was packed with people. There was not only the big international crowd of our guest. Also alot of our greek friends came to listen.

And wow, people where really listening. We all had drinks and was talking and to be honest the sound level was high, just as it should be. But as soon as she started to play on her guitare the tunes washed over us. It was like pressing a mute button. We all fall in silence and the only sound you could hear was her.

If you wherent there you can at least see the pictures, and you can go into her myspace to hear her sing at the same time! got her autografAnd she is in front of the Acropolis

Our guest up on the roof top bar




And she is mingeling!

And she is mingeling!Some of our guest listening to JenniferGuest chilling out on our roof top bar

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