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Kathari Deftera – Ash or Clean Monday 2017

On Monday, 27th February, the Greek people of Athens will be celebrating ‘Kathari Deftera’, aka Clean Monday, Orthodox Shrove Monday or Ash Monday. It is the first day of Orthodox Christian Great Lent that occurs at the beginning of the 7th week before Easter Sunday. The public holiday will be a day of great celebrations, delicious food and family traditions.

It’s an event to spend with the family where people usually go out in taverns for sea food eating. The food choices for this occasion vary from olives, shrimp, fish, feta cheese, taramosalata (fish roe dip), dry bread and yigandes (baked bean casserole). Octopus grilled over an open flame is a classic Greek meze to serve with ouzo and wine, and a favourite on Clean Monday. (For the less adventurous, fried calamari is a delicious alternative.)

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για clean monday greece 2017Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για clean monday greece 2017

Clean Monday is also considered to mark the first day of spring, Greeks tend to celebrate it with outdoor activities. A favorite place to hang out is Filopappos Hill where you will see many Greek families, young and old, picnicking and flying kites! The hill is situated just opposite the Acropolis and even if you don’t have a kite, the hill offers the most amazing, uninterrupted view of the Acropolis and beyond to Pireaus, Aegina and other neighboring islands (but the kite is highly recommended).

Σχετική εικόνα

So go out and enjoy this festive event along with your glass of wine and ouzo to the sound of live music provided by the municipality of Athens.

Have fun! :)


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Top 5 -Drinks in Greece

#AthenStyle #FamousHostels #endlessummer

Greece is known to be have very friendly & fun people! If someone knows how to have a good time, it’s the Greeks! And they know how to drink! This country has many famous drinks that are made in many different parts of it.



The most famous one of all, is Ouzo. Made mainly from aniseed. The best way to drink it is with ice so it can turn into a deep white color, to contrast with the deep blue sea for your perfect summer pictures! Greeks usually serve it with a meze, a plate with different greek-style finger food.



Another well known Greek drink mainly made from raisins and herbs. It’s a combination of koniak and wine. Strolling around the city you will probably see older people drinking this.



From the island of Chios, where it’s full of mastic trees. A classic Greek drink, chilled and in a shot glass!



It’s considered the nectar of Crete! The most famous drink from the largest island in Greece, the people there consider it rude for you not to have a glass when they offer it to you. Made from grapes boiled in a special cauldron. You might also hear it called Tsikoudia. In a shot is the recommended way to drink it!




Similar to Raki. The only differences are that it’s considered to be from Mount Athos, located in the northern part of Greece, and in the way it’s boiled. Again, a shot is the best way to enjoy it!

Athens has many great bars that serve all these great drinks, and a great place to stay is right in the center of the city, at AthenStyle. Book for a cheap hostel, or a private room at a low price. Head on over to to make your booking!

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Stay at AthenStyle and party with Athensmus



Are you going to be in Athens on the 22nd of February? Why don’t you join the best trip into a crazy day of partying and dancing with thousands of people!

Time for Patras Carnival, the best carnival in Greece!

Come stay at AthenStyle hostel and leave in the morning to join this amazing trip!

Book your bed now at
Live the Carnival in the Greek way!


Don’t forget to check out our winter special!

athens winter special

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Halloween Party at Athenstyle

halloween poster

Trick or treat???

Looking for a reason to party? Join us at Friday  31st of October for a great Halloween-style night! We’re waiting for you at our amazing Rooftop bar for drinks, fun and great music!

Αν δεν έχετε ξαναγιορτάσει το Halloween, φέτος είναι η ευκαιρία σας! Σας περιμένουμε την Παρασκευή 31 Οκτωβρίοιυ στο Roofotop bar μας, για ένα μοναδικό Halloween πάρι. Πάρτε τους φίλους σας και ελάτε να διασκεδάσουμε με ποτό, καλή μουσική και πολύ γέλιο!




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Halloween Party @ AthenStyle

halloween poster

Trick or treat???

Join us @ our Rooftop Bar and have a great Halloween night!

Spook in style @ AthenStyle!! :)

Have a look at some photos from last year’s party at this link:

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NYE Party

Take a look at our NYE Party

@ AthenStyle Rooftop Bar!!


1502380_10152191720622049_1974407949_oSome of our guests having fun!



And here is the Champagne. For NYE only,

Champagne Happy hour all night long!


Our amazing staff being merry!


And here is our NY’s cake! According to the greek tradition, inside this cake there is one coin. Whoever finds it will be lucky all year round!


And after 1, the party continues in the bars just around the corner!!


Are you jealous yet…? ;)

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5 January 2014 · 11:28 am

Christmas dinners in Athens – AthenStyle

Spending Christmas in Athens?

Join us for family-style Christmas Dinner on December 25th. The evening will begin at 7:00pm at the heated AthenStyle Rooftop Bar & Restaurant. Come enjoy the view, a traditional home-cooked meal and the good company!


If you plan to attend, please send an email to RSVP to

Wishing you a bright and joyful holiday season, whether at home or out on the road,
The AthenStyle Team



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