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AthenStyle turns 10 years old and we are celebrating with the party of the year!

AthenStyle Logo


10 years agowhen Athenians did not even know what a Hostel was and travelers with large backpacks were getting weird looksAthenStyle was founded in Monastiraki.

It came to rock the boat of the local hotels and it immediately became the melting pot in the historic center of Athens of the lucky travelers that happened to pass by our city for a few days and exchange stories with others. 

The AthenStyle Rooftop Bar quickly became the alternative choice for those who enjoy unlimited view and a relaxedpleasant ambience. 

10 years of AthenStyle, 10 years of travels, 10 years of Rooftop Bar, 10 years of unforgettable memories that have changed Athenians‘ opinions on Hostelstruly unique moments.  

Such a unique moment awaits us on Friday 1st June 2018. Come celebrate with us from the sunset on our Rooftop to our live show at the BAR NEXT DOOR on the ground floor with Appalachian Cobra Worshippers and DJ RPM Cartel.  

RSVP to our event by emailing your name, company and number of people to until 30/05/18. –  

Agias Theklas 1010554 MonastirakiAthens, Greece 


Reception +30 210 322 5010 

We are a proudly selected hostel of the 


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AthenStyle Sailing Week 2018

Experience sailing on a yacht for an entire week!


Join us in this amazing 7-day long sailing trip and experience and visit places like Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Perdika, Nafplio and Porto-Heli.


Email us for info & reservations:


More details:

The 7-day Saronic sailing trip costs 123 euro/person/day (860/week). You can book if you are alone or with your group of friends.


The price includes:

– A modern sailboat to sail you around the Saronic

– An experienced and fun, English speaking skipper

– Light lunch served on board & bottled water

– Linen & Towels

– A bed in a double-bed cabin shared with a person of the same sex

– Snorkeling equipment

– Fuel, port fees & taxes included


The trip does not include:

– Transfers from / to the port

– Any extra drinks/meals apart from those mentioned above

– Travel insurance (highly recommended, book you own or ask us for recommendations – email:

– Tips / Gratuities

– Entrance fees in archaeological sites.


In order to book space in the sailing trip, a 50% prepayment is required and the rest of the payment must be made up until 60 days prior to sailing.


Cancellation Policy:

  1. For cancellations made 1 to 45 days prior to charter start date, 100% of the total charter price is due.
  2. For cancellations made 46 to 90 days prior to charter start date, 50% of the total charter price is due.
  3. For cancellations made 91 days prior to charter start date, we charge no cancellation fees.
  4. No-Show Cancellation: 100 % of all amounts including charter price, mandatory/optional extras and any crew is due



Friday 18th May: Welcome dinner at AthenStyle rooftop VIP. Meet your crew and enjoy a drink on the famous rooftop bar! Welcome to Athens, now chill out and enjoy, a fantastic week is about to start :) book your stay at and email us for a free upgrade when you say you are part of the sailing crew!


Saturday: Meet your crew at Kalamaki marina and get ready to hop aboard. Settle in and head to our first port, the picturesque harbor of Aegina. We are expected to arrive by 18:30 and you’re free to explore this quaint fishing harbor.


Sunday: Grab a coffee before leaving Perdika, and sail to a nearby bay for a swim. Today we set course to Hydra, where we expect to arrive by early afternoon. Hydra is one of the highlight destinations of our itinerary and don’t waste time from exploring the amphitheatrical built town, on a donkey or by foot! With cute stores, cozy café’s and nice restaurants, Hydra is bound to impress!


Monday: Not an early start planned for today and at about 11:00 we set sail for our morning swim stop ! A short leg is planned for this day that will take us to the sheltered port of Porto-Heli. But before, we will have the chance for a swim at the turquoise waters of Hinitsa bay, where we will also be having our lunch. In the afternoon we will be entering the port and stay there for the night.


Tuesday: Another day on the yacht, with an early start so we can make the most of the time when in Nafplion, where we’re heading today! A spectacular coastal town of the Peloponnese, and first capital of Greece, is an exciting destination with many things to see & do!


Wednesday: Leaving behind the busy Nafplion, we head to another highlight destination but so different to the places we have visited so far. Spetses is scheduled to be our next port of call, and with a rich maritime tradition, beautiful landscape and mesmerizing waters, is an ideal place for strolling around by foot or turn up the style by renting a horse drawn carriage.


Thursday: With more than halfway gone, we will be leaving Spetses and set course to Dokos, the uninhabited island with pristine waters and a favourite spot for all the yachties. Our destination for today is Poros, the island that is separated from mainland by a stripe of sea measuring some 400 metres at its narrowest point. Poros is one of the loveliest places of our itinerary, ideal for a stroll around the promenade, beautiful views from its clocktower and with the Temple of Poseidon for those into history.


Friday: And this is our final day on the yacht! Usually Poros offers big nights to fellow yachtsmen and we won’t rush to hoist the anchor. We will be making our way at noon, heading for a swim first and we expect to be back at the base by late afternoon, Sailors! Get together at AthenStyle for goodbye drinks and relax…









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Winter Promo Deal 2017-18

Winter Offer 2017-18 (AthenStyle)

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22 December 2017 · 2:10 pm

Mount Olympus – can you make it to the top?

If you’re an adventurous kind of person, then this might just well be your next challenge. With its highest peak standing at 2917m tall, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. There are different hiking paths varying in difficulty and distance. Although you don’t have to be an experienced hiker, it is recommended to be well equipped and plan your trip in advance.


Mount Olympus

How to get there?

There are trains from Larissa Train Station which can take you to Katerini (approx. 40 EUR one way) a town in Central Macedonia. From Katerini you will have to take a short bus ride to Litochoro (2.50 EUR one way). The town of Litochoro is the usual starting point, you’ll need to either take a taxi or hitchhike to the beginning of the hiking trail, there are 3 different trails on the east side of the mountain. The cost for sharing a taxi is approx. 25 EUR, however it’s pretty easy to get a ride up there.



Litochoro, Greece

Where to sleep?

If you want to go all the way up to the top, then the best thing to do is to divide your hike in 3 days. On the 1st day you can walk to one of the refuges on the Plateau of Muses (there are 2 different one), I recommend you make a booking beforehand to guarantee your bed. On the 2nd day you can hike to Myticas and head back down to Refuge A and on the last day you can head back down to Prionia.




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Christmas Boats – Karavaki, a Greek Tradition

#AthenStyle #FamousHostels #Christmas2016

Have you ever wondered why in Greece at Christmas, we decorate boats?

The Christmas Boat (Karavaki- Little ship) is part of a very old Greek tradition. It comes from the Islands where each year children go door to door singing ‘kalanda’ (Christmas Carols) usually accompanied by instruments such as triangles, guitars, accordians and harmonicas. The children on the islands carry small wooden boats, either illuminated to light the way or with enough space to store treats given to them by the residents they sing for. Some claim that this custom’s roots are linked with the December 6th Celebration of Agios Nikolas (Saint Nicholas) who is the Patron Saint of Sailors in Greece.

The tradition also dates back hundreds of years when many Greeks were working as seamen. During Christmas time, when many were returning home after a long time at sea, their wives would celebrate by decorating small wooden boats as a way of saying welcome home.

This tradition has gradually spread inland with people all over the country beginning to decorate model wood or paper boats with lights and ornaments at Christmas time. Traditionally the boats are placed near the door or fire with the bow pointing inwards, this symbolises the boats making their journey towards the mainland. Sometimes coins or gold objects are also placed in the boats to symbolise riches entering ones home.

Surprisingly the Christmas Boat tradition has only become popular in the mainland in and around the last 30 years and is comparativley new compared to the Christmas tree. The reason for this is that the Greeks are aware that the Christmas tree is not traditonally part of their culture and was actually imported by their first king, Otto of Bavaria. They wanted to begin their own tradition using the boat, and by the number of people that seem to have taken up this tradition it has been very sucessful.

Here at our hostel in Athens we have decorated two boats to display in our window. But instead of welcoming seafarers we welcome our guests to spend Christmas with us, who will hopefully find a home away from home during the festive season :)

After all, in Greece we’re known to be travellers! Merry Christmas from the crew here at Athenstyle! x


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AthenStyle – All Day Xmas Cafe

Η εορταστική βδομάδα των Χριστουγέννων ξεκίνησε! Ελάτε να πιείτε τον πρωινό σας καφέ μαζί μας από ψηλά και θα είστε έτοιμοι μετά για τα ψώνια της ημέρας! Αλλιώς ελάτε να χαλαρώσετε και ν’απολαύστε την θέα αφού ολοκληρώσετε τις αγορές σας! Κάθε μέρα μαζί σας απ’τις 10πμ. Σας περιμένουμε :D


Ανοιχτό από νωρίς, για καφέ και αργότερα φαγητό και ποτά, στον εσωτερικό χώρο της ταράτσας ή έξω, εκεί που θα απολαύσετε τη θέα νομίζοντας πως θα αγγίξετε την Ακρόπολη. Το Athenstyle rooftop bar από 1 Οκτωβρίου ποντάρει στην θετική διάθεση, φιλική ατμόσφαιρα και χαλαρές μουσικές. Κάθε μέρα από τις 11 το πρωί μέχρι την 1 το βράδυ.

Open from early in the morning for coffee and later on for food and drinks, either in the indoor or outdoor part of our bar, the only place that you will enjoy the view feeling like you can almost touch the Acropolis! As of  October 1st our AthenStyle rooftop bar is focusing on its positive mood, friendly atmosphere and chill out music. Open every day from 11 in the morning until 1 at night. See you there!


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Top 5 – Metro stations in Athens

#AthenStyle #FamousHostels #endlessummer

The city of Athens has one of the newest constructed metro stations in the world. 2 underground lines, and 1 overground. Look for the sign in the following photo, and you’ve reached a stop.


It connects the one side of the city to the other, with the airport, the port and the train station being three of the most useful points. Of course most of the stops in the center have the historical sights right there, such as the following.


The most historical spot in Greece, and one in the whole world, is located in the center of Athens! A wonderful and easy hike up one of the tallest hills of Athens, which leads you to this grand monument. The Acropolis Museum is also close to the underground exit, a place you should visit without a second thought! And of course this graphic area is full of beautiful cafes and restaurants, a great way to stop and re energize a while so you can continue your explore around this city!


This stop is considered the main point in the center of Athens. The parliament of Greece is located right as you exit the underground. Also the National Gardens, which is worth taking a stroll around, to take a few pictures and admire all the nature in there. And lets not forget that once you cross the Syntagma Square, Ermou street begins. The main shopping street filled with many popular shopping stores where you can find anything you’re looking for!


This is one of the best places to have a stroll in Athens. Located between Monastiraki and Acropolis. There is a wonderful outdoor market every day on a pedestrian street that you have to pass by. It begins right at the exit of the metro station so you can’t miss it. Another great area to sit for a meal at one of the traditional restaurants, or a beverage at a cafe.


The party area! This area is full of bars, clubs and restaurants. You might also hear it called Gazi. The best place to go and have a fun night! Note that the night begins around midnight here in Greece. And the clubs start closing easily after 6am at the earliest! This Greek experience will surely make an unforgettable memory to your trip!


The square where almost all day and all night long, mainly in the summer, you will see people chilling and passing by. It’s the most central area of Athens, with a modern flea market right at the  exit of the metro building. From the square there is a wonderful view of the Acropolis. Very close by is a beautiful area named Psiri, great to walk around and hang out. Also, as noted above, Ermou street ends close to this square, so you can shop in the opposite direction, towards Syntagma.

Here is a helpful map you should have with you with all the Metro stations.


So Athens is a city you must spend a few days in before or after you visit the islands. And guess which cheap hostel is right in the heart of ALL these spots? AthenStyle Hostel! Head on over to to make your booking for a dorm or a private room at a fantastic price!

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