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​How to make Tzatziki

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Tzatziki is one of the most famous Greek side dishes! Many say it goes with everything! The main place you’ll find it is inside the world known Gyros pitta, but also with many other Greek dishes.
Once you leave Greece, for sure it’s going to be one of the main things you’ll miss! So here we’re giving you the ingredients to make it at home, quick and easy!

Just take a good amount of traditional Greek yogurt, grate about 4 cucumbers, and add some garlic. Mix it up and keep refrigerated. That easy!
If you haven’t tried it yet, try it before your trip here, and for sure it’s going to be one of the dishes you will be awaiting to eat once you arrive!

Once you arrive in Athens, spend a few days to explore the city with all its ruins. The food in Athens represents a little bit of all of Greece! And of course, the most stylish and cheap hostel to stay in Athens is AthenStyle Hostel! Don’t forget that on it’s 6th floor it has a bar restaurant with a killer view of the Acropolis, and where you can of course have tzatziki! Book your stay at http://www.athenstyle.com


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Top 5 -Drinks in Greece

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Greece is known to be have very friendly & fun people! If someone knows how to have a good time, it’s the Greeks! And they know how to drink! This country has many famous drinks that are made in many different parts of it.



The most famous one of all, is Ouzo. Made mainly from aniseed. The best way to drink it is with ice so it can turn into a deep white color, to contrast with the deep blue sea for your perfect summer pictures! Greeks usually serve it with a meze, a plate with different greek-style finger food.



Another well known Greek drink mainly made from raisins and herbs. It’s a combination of koniak and wine. Strolling around the city you will probably see older people drinking this.



From the island of Chios, where it’s full of mastic trees. A classic Greek drink, chilled and in a shot glass!



It’s considered the nectar of Crete! The most famous drink from the largest island in Greece, the people there consider it rude for you not to have a glass when they offer it to you. Made from grapes boiled in a special cauldron. You might also hear it called Tsikoudia. In a shot is the recommended way to drink it!




Similar to Raki. The only differences are that it’s considered to be from Mount Athos, located in the northern part of Greece, and in the way it’s boiled. Again, a shot is the best way to enjoy it!

Athens has many great bars that serve all these great drinks, and a great place to stay is right in the center of the city, at AthenStyle. Book for a cheap hostel, or a private room at a low price. Head on over to http://www.athenstyle.com to make your booking!

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New Video For Athenstyle Summer 2015

Just a small taste of how  beautiful Athens is, and how much fun we and our guests are having in Athenstyle!

Thank you Paty for the lovely video!

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Robbie Williams in Athens 20/06/2015

If you happen to be in Athens this Saturday you still have time to get your tickets for Robbie Williams show!
It will take place on Saturday the 20th as a part of the Rockwave Festival 2015, in Malakasa on the stage of Terra Vibe.
Rockwave is celebrating its 20th year, and has become an institute which has bring great artists and concerts!


Book you stay at Athestyle via http://www.athenstyle.com, a proud member of Europe’s Famous Hostels!

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Athens Circus Festival

We are very proud to be sponsors to Athens Circus Festival!

Starting today at 18.00 at Technopolis in Gazi area the 4th Athens Circus Festival will make it’s grand 3-day festival opening.Many happenings will take place promising spectacular shows! Teams of acrobats, contemporary dance, shows and music performances by individual artists and teams will you full and happy for the weekend!

Following the event there will be workshops taking place everyday for the next week!

For more information visit http://www.athenscircus.gr/

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Monday night Philosophy is back!


What a better way to spend your Monday evening than exploring the philosophical views of Socrates and Plato? Now that summer is almost here the ”Socrates, Plato & Know Thyself” night is back to add an educative twist to your week! The meeting takes place at 7 pm in the Athenstyle rooftop bar and lasts about 40 minutes with questions afterwards. James explains the basics of what Socrates, Plato and Greek Philosophy was all about, and why new students at Plato’s Academy usually began by studying the book ”First Alcibiades” and the essential Greek philosophical concept of ”Know Thyself”. We strongly recommended both for our visitors as well as for everyone who wants to spent an evening at a beautiful roof with a great view of the Acropolis!

On Tuesday mornings James gives a ”Philosophical Walk” discussing Aristotle’s ”practical” philosophy. You walk slowly for half an hour to a beautiful location passing the Prison of socrates on the way. the meeting is at AthenStyle Lobby at 9:50.


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Greek Easter symbols and customs

Easter in Greece is wonderful. Spring is already here, the weather is great and there are many things to do in Athens as well as in the outskirts visiting smaller cities and villages. There are many different customs and traditions regarding that season all around Greece but two things (the lamb and the red eggs) are communal to all areas.

One of the most common Christian symbols, especially associated with Easter, is the lamb. It is often depicted with a banner that bears a cross, and it is known as the Agnus Dei, meaning “Lamb of God” in Latin.
The origin of the symbol is related directly to the Jewish Passover. In ancient times the Jews sacrificed a lamb in the course of the festival. The early Christians, most of whom were Hebrews, associated the sacrifice of the lamb with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. They connected the joyous Passover festival, which commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from their years of bondage in Egypt, with the liberation from death represented by the Resurrection.
The popularity of lamb as an Easter food is undoubtedly related to its importance as a symbol. During the Middle Ages roast lamb became the traditional main course of the Pope’s Easter dinner and it is still customarily served on Easter Sunday in many European countries.


The egg was an important symbol in the mythologies of many early civilizations. It was commonly believed that the universe developed from a great egg and that the halves of its shell corresponded to Heaven and earth. Many pre-Christian and Indo-European peoples, like Egyptians or Persians made a practice of coloring eggs in the spring as a fertility ritual.
Greeks mainly color eggs red (scarlet) to signify the blood of Christ. They use hard-boiled eggs (painted red on Holy Thursday) which are baked into twisted sweet-bread loaves or distributed on Easter Sunday; people rap their eggs against their friends’ eggs and the owner of the last uncracked egg is considered lucky.

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