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AthenStyle Family Olive Grove

The family of AthenStyle, has owned 103 olive trees for over five generations. Once a year, we produce our own olive oil with the method of the cold press. All the olives that are being used are selected and collected by hand at an early stage of maturation of the olive fruit for additional quality and taste. We produce a limited amount of olive oil but it is still enough for family use and our hostel’s kitchen.  We are excited to share it with you as we believe that just one drop of this special extract is enough to bring all the good memories from Greece back in your mind! A limited amount of 250 bottles have been produced this year for our guests and friends to take away and enjoy a taste of Greece and AthenStyle while they are back home. If you have tried it and you would like some more do not hesitate to get in touch with us by sending an email at info@athenstyle.com.

The olive yard is located in Kalamata where famous Kalamata olives are produced as well. You may visit the area and enjoy the original taste of local produce, as well as fresh fish and seafood from the Messinian Gulf and long beaches with crystal clear waters by staying in Kalamata (www.AthenstyleFlats.com). Kalamata is also a good base for day trips to all Peloponnesian historical sites as well as the Mani region. Contac us for more info!

If landing at Athens airport book a cheap stay in Athens best hostel http://www.AthenStyle.com, it’s worth the visit!

oil-2Photos of the olive yard and freshly pressed olive juice.oil-1


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The Olive Tree Experience

Time to go back to nature, escape the city and its noise, watch the stars at night and wake up with the birds’ singing. Welcome to our olive grove, located in Kalamata, in the south of Greece in the region of the Peloponnese. You might have heard of Kalamata olives, exported all over the world. Here we have decided to keep the production limited to small amounts and all natural. We make enough olive oil for our family and our hostel in Athens (www.AthenStyle.com) where our guests can enjoy it at breakfast over fresh bread or during their meals on our rooftop restaurant.

This year we would like to share this experience with a few more friends interested in taking part with us to one of the oldest traditions in the Mediterranean: the olive picking, pressing and tasting.
We pick our olives at an early stage, when the olive has received less water from the rainfalls that usually start later on in December. Picking olives in late November/beginning of December gives origin to the name of the olive oil called “Agourelaio”. It has a more intense aroma as it contains less water and a greener color. We don’t care about the quantity of the oil we will obtain, but of the quality of the same as it is aimed to our family and a few more friends.

You will join us at the olive grove, will help the picking of the olives and the transportation of the same to the pressing mill. The soonest the olives get pressed after picking, the less oxidation process they undergo. We like acidity of our oil to be low so we will patiently wait our turn at the pressing mill on the same night of the picking. It is a great moment to chat with other local producers at the mill, bringing local wine, fresh bread and cheese to celebrate the first precious “olive juices” we all have been working hard for.
On the third day we will celebrate with a barbecue for everyone! We will taste local meats, veggies, wine & of course freshly pressed olive oil over bread.

End of November. Exact dates will be communicated to participants before the end of September so that flights can be booked.

You can choose between 2 options:

The 3-day “Olive Tree Experience”
A concentrated 3 days of olive picking experience, visiting the olive groves of Kalamata, road trips to villages of the Peloponnese and meals of local produce. Olive pressing and tasting. (for the detailed program see below)

Participation fee is 400 euro per person for 3 days and includes:

3 nights accommodation in a shared 4-bed room (upgrade to a private double room depending on availability at exra 50 euro/room/night) & daily breakfast. Our apartments are located in Kalamata;
transport to and from the olive grove which is located approx 20 km away from Kalamata;
unique chance to learn how olives are picked and to assist the whole process with a local English speaking guide, fully immersed in nature;
final barbeque!

Meeting point for this tour is Kalamata – if you need advise on transport to Kalamata please let us know!

The one week: «Athens & the Peloponnesean experience»

A unique mix of history and nature, including Athens and more cities such as Ancient Corinth on the way to Kalamata. This trips includes transport from Athens and joins the “Olive Tree Experience” in Kalamata on day 4. (for the detailed program see below)

Participation fee is 900 euro per person for 7 days and includes.

2 nights accommodation in Athens and 4 nights accommodation in Kalamata in a shared 4-bed room (upgrade to a private double room depending on availability at exra 50 euro/room/night) & daily breakfast;
transport from Athens to Kalamata and back, as well as to and from the olive grove which is located approx 20 km away from Kalamata;
Athens walking tour and Ancient Corinth visit;
unique chance to learn how olives are picked and to assist the whole process with a local English speaking guide, fully immersed in nature;
final barbeque!

Meals are not included except for breakfasts at AthenStyle and final barbeque. We will visit local tavernas and markets for you to buy food for sandwiches during the trip. You can decide to join dinners later (cost approx 10 to 20 euro/person). Tickets to the monuments are not included.

You may reach Kalamata by public bus from Athens. Renting a car is also recommended as there are many sites to visit around Kalamata. You may extend your stay before or after the Olive Tree experience and take part to our other daily trips to Sparta, etc.
Kalamata is also connected to some European destinations by air – check out Ryanair or ask us to check locally.
You may also take advantage of spending 3 days in Athens where you will receive a free night’s stay at AthenStyle every 3 nights booked because you are and Olive Tree Experience participant! So why not take the chance to visit the famous Greek capital in the off season out of the crowds with no queues and when everything is cheaper?


The one week: «Athens & the Peloponnesean experience»

Day 1 – arrival in Athens, check in at AthenStyle, free time, dinner on the Rooftop. Meet other travel mates and your guide.
Day 2 – breakfast and city walk, free time, afternoon philosophical talk, dinner & drinks! Pre-departure meeting to define last details of our trip.
Day 3 – breakfast and check-out. Travel to Ancient Nemea region for lunch. Ancient Corinth visit on the way to Kalamata. Arrival at Kalamata in the evening. Seafood dinner at local restaurant.
Day 4 – orientation in Kalamata, historical centre and stroll on the beach. Visit of local wine producer and wine tasting. Dinner at local restaurant and pre Olive Picking meeting.

The 3 days “Olive Tree Experience”
Day 5 – early departure for the Olive Grove. Olive picking experience. Lunch at local taverna near the olive grove. Olive pressing and tasting.
Day 6 – morning at Kalamata’s local market to shop for the barbeque. Back to the olive grove, more olive tree experience & picking wood for the bbq. Dinner at Petalidi, local seaside village.
Day 7 – barbeque at Kalamata and party!

Info & bookings: info@AthenStyle.com, attention of Sofia



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