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​How to make Tzatziki

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Tzatziki is one of the most famous Greek side dishes! Many say it goes with everything! The main place you’ll find it is inside the world known Gyros pitta, but also with many other Greek dishes.
Once you leave Greece, for sure it’s going to be one of the main things you’ll miss! So here we’re giving you the ingredients to make it at home, quick and easy!

Just take a good amount of traditional Greek yogurt, grate about 4 cucumbers, and add some garlic. Mix it up and keep refrigerated. That easy!
If you haven’t tried it yet, try it before your trip here, and for sure it’s going to be one of the dishes you will be awaiting to eat once you arrive!

Once you arrive in Athens, spend a few days to explore the city with all its ruins. The food in Athens represents a little bit of all of Greece! And of course, the most stylish and cheap hostel to stay in Athens is AthenStyle Hostel! Don’t forget that on it’s 6th floor it has a bar restaurant with a killer view of the Acropolis, and where you can of course have tzatziki! Book your stay at http://www.athenstyle.com


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Top 5 – Games to learn from a Greek

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Upon your visit in Greece, a fun thing to do in your free time when you’re not exploring the cities, is to learn a few Greek tradition games. Some of these following ones have been around for ages!

Backgammon is a main pass time game that Greeks play all around. If you take a stroll around from the center of Athens to the outskirts of town, you will see people of all ages in small cafes playing different games in this wooden box! In Greece it’s generally named Tavli, but a few different games that are mainly played are Plakoto, Fevga and Portes.


People playing cards is also very common in Greece. Again, mostly in cafes. The majority of the elderly like to pass their time this way. Biriba and Paschenza are two main games that everybody loves.


Come on over to Athens to search and explore tradition cafes, meet a few people and to have some fun! Looking for somewhere cheap but stylish to stay? Come to one of the best hostels in Athens, AthenStyle! Book your room at http://www.athenstyle.com

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Top 5 -Drinks in Greece

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Greece is known to be have very friendly & fun people! If someone knows how to have a good time, it’s the Greeks! And they know how to drink! This country has many famous drinks that are made in many different parts of it.



The most famous one of all, is Ouzo. Made mainly from aniseed. The best way to drink it is with ice so it can turn into a deep white color, to contrast with the deep blue sea for your perfect summer pictures! Greeks usually serve it with a meze, a plate with different greek-style finger food.



Another well known Greek drink mainly made from raisins and herbs. It’s a combination of koniak and wine. Strolling around the city you will probably see older people drinking this.



From the island of Chios, where it’s full of mastic trees. A classic Greek drink, chilled and in a shot glass!



It’s considered the nectar of Crete! The most famous drink from the largest island in Greece, the people there consider it rude for you not to have a glass when they offer it to you. Made from grapes boiled in a special cauldron. You might also hear it called Tsikoudia. In a shot is the recommended way to drink it!




Similar to Raki. The only differences are that it’s considered to be from Mount Athos, located in the northern part of Greece, and in the way it’s boiled. Again, a shot is the best way to enjoy it!

Athens has many great bars that serve all these great drinks, and a great place to stay is right in the center of the city, at AthenStyle. Book for a cheap hostel, or a private room at a low price. Head on over to http://www.athenstyle.com to make your booking!

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​Top 5 – Food in Greece

The Greek cuisine is considered one of the best in the world, due to the Mediterranean lifestyle. This country is lucky for its soil because it’s the main part in the world with so many olive trees that give the virgin olive oil. All Greeks use it in the kitchen for pretty much everything they cook!

Upon your visit in Greece, doesn’t matter how long you’re staying, you MUST try the following delicious dishes!


A casserole in the oven with eggplant, potato, minced meat and cream on top. Probably the most traditional dish Greece has!


Another main casserole dish in the oven made by a type of macaroni of your choice (usually rigatoni), minced meat and cream on top. Delicious!


A classic dish of stuffed vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Filled with rice, chopped potato and other vegetables. In some areas of Greece they also add minced meat. Tasty and healthy!

Salad Choriatiki (Farmers Salad)

The famous Greek salad that combines tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, olives and feta cheese all mixed together with virgin olive oil and oregano.


A pie with the famous Greek filo pastry, with spinach, feta cheese, onion in the filling, all wrapped around and baked in the oven! It’s usually made in a large pan and served in pieces. But for sure for can’t stop at just one piece!

The restaurants in Athens cover the full range of the Greek menu, so the days you’ll spend here are going to leave you and your stomach fully satisfied! AtheStyle is a great place to stay with cheap accomodation and of course to eat at it’s famous Rooftop Bar with it’s killer view of the Acropolis! One of the best hostels in Athens, book your stay at http://www.athenstyle.com!

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Six things to do in the City of Athens on a Sunday

I’ve heard many people complain that there’s nothing to do in Athens on a Sunday as many shops and businesses close, and while it is not a day for ‘getting things done’, I still find there is plenty to do. I’ve come up with a list of six things to do on a Sunday so you can soak in the non-commercial side of the Athens and enjoy a more relaxing day in this controversial city..

On Sundays at 10:30am the Official Ceremony takes place where the whole Presidential Guard march from their barracks to the tomb followed by music from the military band.  While you’re there check out their shoes, those pom-poms may look a bit stupid but they hide a deadly point used for fighting during the war- they also used the pom-poms for polishing their shoes!

If you’re an early riser, before the guard’s ceremony, you could head to one of the many churches to witness a Greek Orthodox service first hand. Each church usually runs a number of services on a Sunday but the most popular time for Athenians is 07:00-09:30am. The Cathedral on Mitropoleos Street and the little church of Kapnikarea on Ermou are not even five minutes walk from here.

In Athens Sunday is often a day that you can see the archeological sites for free. If you happened to be here on one of the Sundays I’m about to mention you can take advantage. The Acropolis and all the Archeological sites are all free for visitors on Sundays between the 1st of November and 31st March each year and during April, May, June and October the first Sunday of every month is free. So you can see everything without spending a penny, except you’ll probably be pretty hungry after all that walking and on the lookout for a good restaurant.  Not to worry though, unlike the shops, the restaurants and cafes stay open so you’ll find plenty of places to eat and drink.

If you’re like me and love searching through lots of bits and pieces to find that one off thing you need go no further than Monastiraki Flea Market, which is held literally seconds from here. On Sunday morning to early afternoon jewelery makers to sock sellers to antique dealers litter the streets of Monastiraki selling their wares. If you see something you like don’t forget that the prices are usually negotiable ;)

So if you’ve managed to do all of the above and still have lots of energy you could climb Lycabettus hill to get the best vantage point in Athens. I recommend going just before sunset, you’ll get to see the sun go down beneath the mountains and the city light up beneath you. And if you are a bit tired you don’t need to worry about climbing the whole way as you can take a taxi or the funicular. There’s also a restaurant and a little chapel called Ayios Yeoryios right at the top.

Sightseeing, unorganised shopping and lots of walking not really your thing? Well you could take to exploring many of the bars and cafes around Monastiraki, Plaka and Exarchia. There are loads of little places that double up as art galleries; just poke your head into anywhere that looks remotely interesting (and often even those that don’t) and you’ll come across some interesting places as well as some art. I’ve learnt during my time in Athens that things are not always as they first appear. I’ve found clubs in what I’ve thought were apartment blocks and large art galleries at the back of what I’ve thought were tiny cafes. So it does pay to be nosy, sometimes!

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